Investor Services

Our investors services include:

Financial Controls and Funds Flow:

In today’s world, Investors are concerned and worried about the inadequately and inefficiently controlled money movement in the unregulated investment funds.

Addressing investor’s concerns and needs, Fintech has created an extremely efficient mechanism of financial control to protect the probity of its clients. To increase the effectiveness of these controls, a system of joint control is designed by Fintech, where approval of Fintech as well as Fund is required for the money transfer to any third party.

Compliance to control Money Laundering

With our stringent Compliance Services, we make sure, our Client Funds comply with local as well as international Anti Money Laundering requirements. Few of them are:

  • KYC of the investors
  • Transactions recording
  • Stringent verification of the source of incoming funds
Dispersion and tracking of Offer Documents

Fintech helps its clients in distribution of the offer documents to the investors and all the related activities that go with it.

Distribution of Periodic Reports to the Investors

Fintech helps the client funds by providing the periodic reports to the Investors. The reports can be monthly, quarterly, bi yearly and yearly. The Reports are provided to investors by any/all of the means provided below:

  • Hard copy through post
  • Soft copy through email
  • Giving investors the option to download the report from the website using a user name and password provided to them

The reports can also be distributed to other people as deemed necessary by the client funds.

Access to Investor Services through the website
  • If the Clients funds wants, the functionality of providing the Investors Services through the website can be activated for few/all the investors. The investors can be provided with a user name and password to login to their account online.
  • Since the services involve information of client funds, we use a secure connection to protect the privacy of the investors.
Processing of Investor Subscriptions and Redemptions

We can help our clients by simplifying the process of processing the Investor Subscriptions and redemptions and handling all the aspects related with the processes. Given below is a list of measures we undertake to make the whole process less cumbersome for the client funds and investors alike.

  • We can review the client subscription documents
  • We can issue the confirmation of the subscriptions and redemptions to the investors
  • We can help investors in providing important and relevant information which may be needed by them, like providing and explaining proper tax classification
  • We can verify and double check the authenticity and eligibility of the redemption requests placed by the investors.
  • We can handle all the compliances related to the KYC for our clients
  • We can provide any other activity which may be needed by our clients
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