Fund Administration

Fintech Fund Services offer a wide array of Fund Accounting, Investment Accounting and Performance Reporting Services for varied fund types.

Our Clients can always have a peace of mind, even if their funds involve most convoluted and unconventional fund structures, varied classes of investors, complex fee arrangements, side pockets, variable hurdle rates or most diversified types of assets. Our highly talented and experienced Fund Accounting Team always comes up with the perfect solution to all your problems.

It is our commitment to all the clients who outsource their work to us, that they can be sure and confident that their fund’s investor statements will be accurate, will be prepared by the best fund accountants in the industry an or before the time committed by us.

Fund Level Accounting
  • We prepare periodic financial reports and statements like:
    • Balance sheet
    • Income statement
    • General Ledger listing
    • Statement of changes in partners’ capital
    • Statement of changes in financial condition
    • Investor statements
    • Performance tables
    • Other necessary reports
  • We prepare daily, monthly, or quarterly NAV
  • We maintain General Ledger and investor information
  • We maintain capital accounts or unitized values
  • We prepare Master-feeder structures
  • Our accountants are trained to provide solutions for more complex fund structures by preparing separate
    reports for different components plus consolidated reports for the entire entity
  • We also provide customizable investor statements where clients can see your company’s branding
    on the statements
  • We provide advanced Investor statements that consolidate multiple funds on a single page
  • We provide New issue segregation
  • Functionality to segregate investors by tax status
  • Automated accrual of repetitive expenses
  • Functionality to provide variable fee structures by investor
  • Automated calculation of management and performance fees, loss carry forwards and hurdle rates
Partnership/Investor Accounting

Our highly qualified Fund Accountants coupled with our latest and highly advanced fund accounting software automatically allocates income and expense to each investor based on the terms of each fund’s offering documents and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) / International Financial reporting Standards (IFRS). The results are always accurate even when the Fund Structure is extremely complicated.

We can customize the investor statements as per the format and detail requirements of our clients. We can publish the statements using the client’s logo and branding material as per the needs of our clients.

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