Our Team

Behind every successful organization is a great, efficient and a closely knitted team, where every person plays an important role and everyone complements each other.

Executive Management

Our Executive Management Team is the guiding force for everyone and it lays down the strategies and provides direction for others to move forward.

Regional Heads

Our Regional Heads are extremely talented and provide excellent fund administration services throughout the world.

Client Support Team

Our Client Support Team have an in depth knowledge of all the operations related with fund accounting and other client services. The team is highly skilled to handle all the client concerns and provide prompt solutions to all client concerns with a smile on their face.

Business Development and Marketing

Our Marketing and Business Development team is tasked to attract new clients, serve them to their satisfaction and maintain a lasting relationship with all our existing clients.

Compliance and Risk Management Team

Our Compliance and Risk Management Team ensures that all the national and international laws and regulations are complied with, and all the policies and procedures are strictly and diligently followed.

Technology Team

Our Technology team ensures that the best quality technology and software support is developed to support the rest of the team as well as our clients and their needs.

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