Start-Up Funds

Fintech Fund Services understands that the needs of a Start-up Fund are largely different from those of established funds. Keeping in mind the requirement of clients who are in the process of launching the new funds, we provide specialised services tailor made for the Start-up Funds.

Apart from providing our regular services, we guide our Start-up Clients to smoothly sail through the process of setting up a new fund.

Given below are the Services offered by us for our Start-up Clients:
  • We review, comment, suggest and expert advice on the offer documents by Client
  • We advise clients on the structure and terms to be setup for the new funds
  • We provide advisory services to the client on fund allocation issues, tax issues, fee structures, administrative issues and marketing.
  • Apart from the above services, we also help our clients in selecting other specialised and quality consultants and other service providers like Custodian Banks, Auditors, Prime Brokers and Attorneys
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