Privacy Policy

All personal information retained by Fintech Fund Services Inc ("Fintech") will be kept confidential. Fintech keeps all records and other information relative to investors confidential, and will not use this information other than for purposes of fulfilling its transfer agent or investor recordkeeping duties, except when requested to divulge such information by duly constituted authorities or court process, or when requested by an investor or an investor’s agent. In addition, Fintech reviews the confidentiality provisions of its contracts with all vendors who have access to any investor information during the performance of their duties.

When you send us your personal information, Fintech and its affiliates will use your email address and other information to respond to you and to provide you with information regarding our client services. When you send us a copy of your resume or curriculum vitae, we will use the information contained therein to match you with any relevant opportunity that may arise within Fintech and assess your application. Unless we obtain your permission, we will not use your email address and information for any other purpose. 

We do not retain any more of your personal information than we believe is necessary for any of these purposes and we do not retain your personal information for any longer than is reasonably necessary to do so. 

We have put procedures in place and take reasonable steps to ensure that your personal information is secure. 

As the Fintech Fund Services Inc. is an international organisation, your personal information may be transferred between our servers and offices. By sending us your personal information you consent to us making any necessary cross-border transfers of your personal information. 

If you would like us to update or correct your personal information, or if you require details of the personal information relating to you which is retained by Fintech, please contact us by email or by post and we will be happy to deal with any reasonable request. 

If at any time you no longer wish to receive information from Fintech and its affiliates you can advise us by return email.